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Azure Portholes - Heart of the Ocean | MARIE ANTUANELLE | Original Seascape Painting

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Australian Ocean seascape with dreamy grey blue shimmering ocean and beach, SWAROWSKI crystals, pearls and gemstones on round canvas

Blue, Navy and grey Ocean Original Seascape from collection called Portholes to the Ocean. "Summer holidays is in the air! Sunny Seascapes collection highly inspired by popular beaches from around the world, filled with romance and love, infused with a taste of caramel, inhaled with warm aroma of the ocean, - all from our trips around the world. This painting is born in Whitsundays, Australia" Antuanelle

Blue Abstract seascape with teal, pearl, grey quartz and turquoise colors.

Large wall Art depicting ocean and tropical island reef by Marie Antuanelle

Original Blue Abstract Art - made with SWAROWSKI crystals, real freshwater pearls, GEM STONES ( druzy agate and quartz), sticking out from the glass like surface ,natural pigments, inks,Liquid Glass Epoxy on canvas. Ocean Abstract Art made with pearls and liquid glass.

75x75cm round canvas

Beach Aerial seascape Art rejuvenates with bright colors and soft transitions; its layered center caresses you and gives you the feeling of safety and acceptance. Custom made one of a kind mixed media Blue Large wall Art piece by renowned artist Marie Antuanelle.

The beauty of this artwork lies in its originality, never to be copied or re-replicated, truly a unique piece. It has a Glass like surface with many layers visible inside translucent medium. It takes 3-6 weeks to complete an artwork.